Professor Abiodun O. Falusi

Professor Abiodun O. Falusi, B.Sc (Agric. Econs. Ibadan), M.S. Agric. Econs.) PhD (Cornell) FFAMAN, FAAEA :: SCHAF

Prof. Abiodun O. Falusi, FFAMAN, FAAEA. Chairman, Board of Trustees, SCHAFAbiodun Olumuyiwa Falusi is a retired Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, where he retired after 38 years of meritorious service in September 2010.

Apart from his teaching, research and public service experiences, Professor Falusi has been actively involved in community and rural development activities. In 1990 he facilitated the formation of Ire Ekiti Community Bank for rural savings mobilisation and credit disbursement.

The Bank was adjudged the Best Community Bank in Nigeria in 1993. Prof Falusi’s rural development initiatives include capacity building, project preparation, implementation assistance, monitoring and evaluation of rural development (agriculture, community mobilisation, rural infrastructure – roads, schools, health centres) projects in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and Tanzania.
His interest in capacity building has prompted his volunteering to assist in the care and capacity building for sickle cell patients, which is part of the Mission statement of the Sickle Cell Hope ALive Foundation, of which he is Chairman.

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